Gold and silver foiling

Gold and silver foiling are decorative processes that involve applying thin layers of gold or silver onto various surfaces. We AK PRINTING SOLUTIONS make available this service in a variety of industries, including printing, packaging, stationery, and crafts, to add an elegant and luxurious touch to products.

Here's some information about gold and silver foiling:

GOLD & SILVER FOILING - involves following steps
• Design
• Die Penetraion
• Foil Selection
• Heat & Pressure
• Cooling and Removal

We AK PRINTING SOLUTIONS use foils which are made of metal alloys.They are useful in packing paper rolls,card boards,leather,plastic etc.


Embossing is a technique used in various fields, such as printing, crafting, and design, to create a raised, three-dimensional pattern or design on a surface. It involves pressing or stamping a material, such as paper, leather, or metal, to create a raised image or texture.

We are pioneers and famous for reliable EMBOSSING SERVICE.

Steps which we follow are
• Design Preparation
• Creation Of A Die
• Material Preparation
• Embossing Process
• Finishing Touch

The above mentioned process is done as per client artwork.

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